Research Committee for Natural Sciences

The Research Committee ensures a high level of quality in the faculty's research activities, and it is a coordinating body within these areas. 

The aim of the committee is to promote the strategic objectives of increasing external funding for the faculty's research, forging stronger academic synergies across the faculty's academic environments and ensuring high quality in the recruitment and appointment of academic staff.  

The faculty Research Committee is a forum for strategic discussions and cross-disciplinary experience sharing regarding application opportunities, potential cross-disciplinary projects and collaboration, as well as recruitment plans and initiatives.

At local level, there are also research committees at all departments and department-like centres. The local committees advise their managers on developing research strategies and on research issues. 

Chair: Vice Dean for Research Poul Nissen

Department of Biology: Angela Fago

Department of Computer Science: Anders Møller

Department of Physics and Astronomy: Lars Bojer Madsen

Department of Geoscience: David Lundbek Egholm

Department of Chemistry: Thomas Poulsen

Department of Mathematics: Andreas Basse-O'Connor

Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics: Torben Heick Jensen

Interdisciplinary Nanoscience Centre (iNANO): Kurt Vesterager Gothelf