Nat-Tech Recruitment Forum

The Nat-Tech Recruitment Forum develops and coordinates the faculties' overall recruitment. The faculties have a shared goal to recruit the most talented students. A wide range of activities are organised to achieve this goal.

Natural Sciences and Technical Sciences want to encourage more children and young people to choose a science/technical field of study at upper secondary school, and ultimately then recruit these talented young people.

Faculty departments and the Science Museums organise a wide range of communication and recruitment activities aimed at primary and lower secondary school students, upper secondary school students as well as their teachers and parents, and the Nat-Tech Recruitment Forum has overall responsibility for these activities. The forum coordinates activities, prioritises resources, and develops and creates synergies between the many activities, and on the basis of joint strategic guidelines, the Nat-Tech Recruitment Forum allocates and prioritises the deans’ funds, for example to cover payroll costs in connection with the activities.

On a daily basis, the Nat-Tech Recruitment Forum refers to the vice-dean for education, and every year, the forum provides an overview of the activities for the year as well as the financial statements and proposed adjustments to the strategy, budget and organisation.