Communication & press

If you need local help regarding media tasks and other communication tasks including social media, please contact the person responsible for communication at your department. See list below.

For strategic communication and faculty support, as well as general communication advice, please contact the communication advisers in the Dean's secretariat or write to

What can we help you with?

The communication advisors carry out tasks in the areas of communication feedback, strategic media work, internal communication for students and staff, and web support for  Natural Sciences.


Our tasks are mainly concerned with providing the faculty with support. If you need local help regarding media tasks, please contact the person responsible for communication at your department. 

Internal communication

We are responsible for relaying news internally at the faculties via newslettere and websites. If you have input for the Nat and Tech newsletters, websites or social media, you are welcome to write to the advisors. We also provide the faculty staff with help regarding media coverage in connection with special appointments, grants and awards. Read more about media coverage in connection with appointments at Natural Sciences.

Web support

Departments and centres at Natural Sciences carry out their own basic web support. Find your local TYPO3 support and read more about web services at Nat-Tech (in Danish only). If you do not have local support, or if you have an acute problem with TYPO3, write to

Recruitment of students

We are responsible for the overall communication in the recruitment of new students. This applies to campaign videos, portraits of students or similar content. You can find NAT's recruitment site here. Contact communications adviser Kristoffer Jakobsen if you have any questions.


The Dean's secretariat manages the faculty's translation agreement with an external agency. Staff at Natural Sciences who need to translate texts from Danish to English can here find information on the faculty's translator agreement and contact information her: Translation from Danish into English at Nat and Tech.

Aktuel Naturvidenskab

The editors of the nationwide journal Aktuel Naturvidenskab (Current Science) officially fall under the authority of the Dean's secretariat.

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