Welcome package for academic staff at Natural Sciences

Congratulations on your new job and welcome to Natural Sciences!

You have been employed in a large organisation, and you have gained approx. 1,400 new colleagues at the faculty. You will receive a lot of information that is important for your work life at Aarhus University. This page contains some of the information you will need immediately.

If you have any questions, your manager and your colleagues are ready to help you.

Terms of employment

Work environment
AU wants an open dialogue on the work environment. Visit AU’s Staff Service to find key information on the work environment at AU. In addition, Natural Sciences has developed guidelines for use of chemicals and laboratories, a pregnancy policy and information material about stress.

Working hours

Information about the rules for working hours at AU is available at Staff Service.


At AU, holiday planning takes place in a dialogue between manager and employee.

Competence development

AU wants be a workplace that gives employees the opportunity of both professional and personal development and as much autonomy as possible in the planning of their work.


At AU, salaries are administered by HR.

Staff benefits

As an employee at AU, you will find there is a wide range of offers you can make use of. Among other things, you can take part in the DHL Relay Race or use exercise facilities at the different locations at AU.

Illness and absence
As an employee, you are entitled to absence from work in a number of situations. This may be in connection with illness, but there may also be other reasons.

Buildings, parking and access

Find your way around AU
AU is a large organisation that also physically covers a large area and several addresses. It is therefore a good idea to have a map at hand if you need to find a particular building or meeting room. You can also download the “AU find" app to your smartphone.


Many parking areas at AU require a parking permit. As an employee, you have to register your car to use AU's staff parking. 

Key cards

To access AU's buildings, you will need a key card together with the associated PIN code. Only a specially appointed person can order your card. Contact your immediate supervisor for the name of this person.


AU Library

Access articles and books and learn more about information searches and publication.

AUFF Starting Grants
With Starting Grants, the Aarhus University Research Foundation aims to support young research talents and thereby ensure good career opportunities for outstanding researchers. AUFF Starting Grants can be applied for by newly appointed assistant professors and associate professors. 

The AU logo
If you need to make use of the AU logo for a poster etc., you can find several variants on AU Staff Service.

Research using personal data
Find information about what you should be aware of if your research involves personal data - both ordinary and sensitive data.

Research stays abroad
Get help with practical planning of research stays abroad.

The Research Support Office
The Research Support Office has a great deal of knowledge about relevant foundations and assists researchers in drawing up applications for external research funds.

Junior Researchers Programme
Information on career development, courses and other offers and services for junior researchers at Aarhus University.

All employees have a personal PURE webpage which presents the employee's professional profile. All scientific publications must be registered in PURE.

Cooperation with business and industry
Natural Sciences has drawn-up a set of standards for responsible conduct of research within natural science research fields as a supplement to the guidelines on responsible conduct of research at AU as a whole.

Research communication

Press relations and help

Communication employees are ready to advise and provide courses for researchers who communicate research results in the media or who want to be better at communicating to others than academic colleagues.

Websites and social media

AU Staff Service
AU Staff Service contains all the common tools, guides and services from the administration that you need as an employee at Aarhus University – regardless of whether you are a scientific or administrative employee.  

Faculty websites

You are reading this information from one of the faculty's two websites: the staff portal. It is an internal website for employees, and it contains news and information specific for the faculty. The faculty also has an external website which presents the faculty externally.

Natural Sciences on social media
Keep up-to-date on the faculty's official profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.


Websites of departments and centres

All departments and centres have two websites; an external, which presents the department externally, and an internal staff-specific site that acts as a departmental information centre aimed at the department's employees. 


External site

Staff portal

Bioinformatics Research Center birc.au.dk birc.au.dk/staff-pages/

Department of Biology



Department of Computer Science



Department of Physics and Astronomy



Department of Geoscience



Department of Chemistry



Department of Mathematics



Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics



Interdisciplinary Nanoscience Center



Science Museums sciencemuseerne.dk

IT and systems at AU

The list is a selection of systems at AU. You can find additional systems in the subject index.

AURAP is AU's shared portal for reporting. The portal consists of a range of standard reports that make it possible to conduct financial follow-up on specific projects.

Brightspace is Aarhus University's shared platform and is used for teaching materials, activities and out-of-class communication between teaching staff and students.

Digital exams
Information, help and guidelines for the holding, assessment etc. of digital exams.

AU uses the system IndFak2 to process invoices. At AU, the procedures involved in the processing of invoices, bookkeeping and payment of suppliers are carried out electronically.

IT support and ordering electronic equipment
IT support is open for personal, written and telephone enquiries if you experience problems with your equipment. In the IT webshop, you can order various IT equipment and software after agreement with your immediate supervisor. 

Employee Profile

On your employee profile you can change your password, change profile settings and get an overview of vacation days and sick leave.

Outlook is Aarhus University's joint email and calendar system and an important prerequisite for ensuring effective communication and closer collaboration across the faculty and university. If you need to access your AU email via a browser, you can log onto your webmail.

PURE is AU’s research registration system. In PURE, you can communicate and highlight your research by registering research publications, activities and projects, for example.

Expenses and travel expenses for subsequent reimbursement by Aarhus University should usually be settled using RejsUd. 

STADS is AU’s studies administration system. Information about students’ academic activities and study programme is administered and communicated via STADS.

Wireless network and VPN connection
Aarhus University has three wireless networks which are accessible at the entire university. Via a VPN connection, you can also access some of AU's services from home.

Workzone is AU's official electronic case and document management system.


News from the faculty management team

Find news from the management team on your staff portal.


Newsletter for employees at Natural Sciences

About once a month, all employees at the faculty and in the administrative centre receive a newsletter. All employees are automatically registered for the newsletter.


News from the Senior Management Team
The newsletter from the senior management team at Aarhus University is sent out every Friday and has information on current activities and discussions. 


News from the administration
About once a month, the administration sends out a newsletter to all administrative employees.  New employees in the administrative centres are automatically registered for the newsletter.


Omnibus is the official and independent university newspaper for Aarhus University students and employees.


Personal data and personal webpage

Protection of personal data (GDPR)
If you handle personal data in the course of your work, it is important that you comply with the law.

Employee master data

Your primary employee information such as telephone number or building number are registered in the employee master data - which is called the medarbejderstamkort in Danish - and this is where any corrections/additions should be made.

Employee Profile

On your employee profile you can change your password, change profile settings and get an overview of vacation days and sick leave.

Personal employee webpage

All employees at Aarhus University have a personal webpage which is edited via AU's research registration system PURE. Among other things, you can register research publications, create a CV and upload a profile photo.


AU Library
Visit the library for teaching materials and for information about copyright and plagiarism checks.

Brightspace is Aarhus University's shared platform and is used for teaching materials, activities and out-of-class communication between teaching staff and students.

Digital Exams
Information, help and guidelines for holding, assessment etc. of digital exams.

PowerPoint templates
At AU, we use common PowerPoint templates which can be found in the Templafy system. Here you can download the templates and use them in PowerPoint on your PC or Mac.