Management and strategy

This page contains an overview of the news communicated from the management at Natural Sciences. It also contains information about strategy and special initiatives.

In 2020, the management of Natural Sciences, in close cooperation with the institutes, will devise a new strategy for the faculty. See the previous Science and Technology Strategy Plan 2016-2020.

News from the management

2021.03.05 |

Video greeting: Time for feedback on the new faculty strategy

Dean Kristian Pedersen sends a video greeting to the staff. He encourages all faculty staff to contribute with feedback on the new faculty strategy in order to make it ambitious and relevant.

2021.02.16 |

New NAT strategy up for consultation

A draft version of the faculty's upcoming strategy will now be sent for consultation with faculty staff and students. The deadline for submitting consultation responses is 12 March 2021.

2021.02.12 |

Dean: There should be no doubt that there is room for open and healthy academic debate at our faculty

Email from Dean Kristian Pedersen to all employees at the faculty.

2021.02.05 |

How management dealt with the Nature article case

A scientific article published in Nature in 2016 has been the subject of criticism from peers for a number of years, and it has given rise to an important case for the university's Research Practice Committee. The matter has been mentioned several times in the newspaper Berlingske and most recently in other media. The media coverage could give the…

2021.01.28 |

University-wide admission requirement changes the grade average for quota 1 to 6.0

The senior management team has decided to introduce a uniform admission requirement across AU, primarily because removal of the quick-start bonus will generally mean that future applicants have lower average grades than previously. For NAT, this means that in future, applicants must have an average grade of at least 6.0 in their qualifying…

2021.01.25 |

Free scientific debate and responsible conduct of research are core values

Rector Brian Bech Nielsen affirms the centrality of free scientific debate and explains how the university is handling the controversy at the Faculty of Natural Sciences that is currently getting so much media coverage.

2021.02.05 |

Dean: I apologise for my inappropriate wording – and I look forward to resolving the research-integrity issue.

Comment on an article in the newspaper Berlingske on 17 January 2021.

2020.12.18 |

Season's greetings from the dean's office at Natural Sciences

Dean Kristian Pedersen and vice-deans David Egholm and Kristine Kilså wish you all happy holidays and a joyful New Year with this video greeting.

2020.11.26 |

The strategy process at the faculty is well underway

The process of developing a new faculty strategy to set the direction for NAT up to 2030 is now entering the next phase in which the faculty will continue to work on the useful input received from the department workshops. A number of focus groups have also been set up to provide input, visions and thoughts on the faculty's core narrative and…

2020.10.05 |

Two new vice-deans appointed for Natural Sciences

Kristine Kilså is to be vice-dean for education and David Lundbek Egholm is to be vice-dean for research at the Faculty of Natural Sciences. This gives the faculty a strong new management team.

2020.10.05 |

New vice-dean for education at Natural Sciences

Kristine Kilså is to be the new vice-dean for education at Natural Sciences from 1 December. Kristine comes from a position as the head of studies administration in Sweden, and she has solid management experience in the field of education, in addition to an academic career in chemistry and nanoscience.

2020.10.05 |

New vice-dean for research at Natural Sciences

David Lundbek Egholm will be the new vice-dean for research from 1 November. He comes from a position as a professor of climate and ice dynamics at the Department of Geoscience at Aarhus University and he also has solid experience with research management and external research funding.

2020.09.07 |

Video greeting: Invitation to dialogue about the faculty's strategy

With this video greeting, Dean Kristian Pedersen kicks off the autumn's strategy process at the faculty. The aim of the strategy is to set a general course for where the faculty wants to go in the coming decade; a common direction. Kristian Pedersen encourages all faculty staff to participate in the dialogue.

2020.09.03 |

Dean to visit departments at the Faculty of Natural Sciences

In September, Dean Kristian Pedersen will start his long-awaited round of visits to the faculty departments and units. His aim is to greet the departments and introduce the new strategy process. At the meetings, there will be ample opportunity to take part in the dialogue and ask questions.

2020.08.26 |

A safe hand at the PhD controls

iNANO Professor Duncan Sutherland will act as interim manager of the faculty's PhD School for a provisional period of two months. It has been planned for him to be replaced by the upcoming vice-dean for research at NAT, once the vice-dean has been appointed following an ongoing recruitment process.

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