Laws and regulations

External examiner’s obligation to make notes

Executive Order no. 2271 af 01/12/2021 on examinations and co-examination of university degree programmes specifies in section 24:

Section 24. During their deliberations, the external examiner and the examiner must take notes about the performance and grading assessment for use in processing any appeal. The notes must be stored for at least one year and, in addition, until any appeal case is closed. 


Complaints and board of appeals

As an external examiner, you can find that students complain about the examination or the grade, and your appointment as an external examiner means that you also have an obligation to take part in processing a complaint.

To find out the rate of remuneration for complaints and appeals work, please contact Nat-Tech Studies Administration about the specific case.


Cheating and plagiarism

Cheating and plagiarism are a growing problem in connection with higher education programmes.

The chairs of the external examiners take this problem seriously and are working to determine common regulations at the universities to deal with cases of cheating and plagiarism.

Aarhus University has a website for cheating and plagiarism

See also stop plagiat nu!


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