Funding Support at Natural Sciences

If you are a scientist planning to apply for external grants to fund your research, you should contact your department. There are different options for support depending on which grant you are applying for:

  • Specific EU foundations, selected programmes under the Innovation Fund Denmark, the Danish National Research Foundation’s Centres of Excellence, and complex multi-partner projects (see the full list here)

► You can get support from the Research Support Office.

  • Other grants, such as those from Independent Research Fund Denmark, as well as private Danish foundations such as Carlsberg Foundation, Villum Fonden, Lundbeck Foundation and Novo Nordisk Foundation 

► Your department secretariat and the Dean's secretariat at the faculty of Natural Sciences will provide budget templates, an updated overview of funding opportunities for the major funding instruments, mock interviews and information meetings across Natural Sciences. Your department will often be able to provide additional support such as assistance with drawing up the budget, peer reviews and feedback for your idea and research proposal.

Funding support at your department

Contact your department to begin the grant application process and to hear about your options for support locally.