Welcome to the new manager of the Mathematical Canteen

Mads Ankjær is the new manager of Mathematical Canteen. He took over the position from Jørgen Bæk in the spring of 2023 and he is now looking forward to using his experience from the industry to continue driving Mathematical Canteen’s offer to students, employees, and citizens from the area.

Photo: Lina Link.

Mads is a trained chef and has a bachelor's degree in Innovation and Business Development. He has several years of experience from private companies, voluntary associations as well as the festival industry. Now Mads is looking forward to using his skills in new settings:

"Our purpose of making authentic and genuine food at reasonable prices, for both students and employees, is an exciting mission."

With Mads as the manager of Mathematical Canteen, the well-known dishes from the canteen will be looked at with new, innovative eyes.

"I am very keen on developing the canteen along with the guests. It is certain that I will look at it with different eyes and maybe a slightly more innovative approach."

Mads assures that there will be concepts in the canteen that will remain as they use to.

"Everything is possible, but there are some things that are sacred, so I try to take it easy. There are a lot of things that we won't interfere with at all – the well-known cake buffet and the large selection of good cakes – we won't interfere with that. Neither with the decent and reasonable priced cup of coffee”

Welcome Mads Ankjær, who is the new manager of the Mathematical Canteen.