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2021.02.16 |

New NAT strategy up for consultation

A draft version of the faculty's upcoming strategy will now be sent for consultation with faculty staff and students. The deadline for submitting consultation responses is 12 March 2021.

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2021.02.12 |

Dean: There should be no doubt that there is room for open and healthy academic debate at our faculty

Email from Dean Kristian Pedersen to all employees at the faculty.

2021.02.05 |

How management dealt with the Nature article case

A scientific article published in Nature in 2016 has been the subject of criticism from peers for a number of years, and it has given rise to an important case for the university's Research Practice Committee. The matter has been mentioned several times in the newspaper Berlingske and most recently in other media. The media coverage could give the…

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2021.01.28 |

University-wide admission requirement changes the grade average for quota 1 to 6.0

The senior management team has decided to introduce a uniform admission requirement across AU, primarily because removal of the quick-start bonus will generally mean that future applicants have lower average grades than previously. For NAT, this means that in future, applicants must have an average grade of at least 6.0 in their qualifying…

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2021.01.26 |

The 2021 salary negotiations process will begin soon

In the period 4 – 25 February, employees at Aarhus University can fill out a form to apply for a salary increase in the 2021 salary negotiations.

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