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2021.03.29 |

Information security: The yellow banner in your inbox will be removed

The yellow warning banner at the top of mails to AU employees from external senders will have a short life. AU IT has decided to remove it on the background of negative reactions from many employees. It’s still important that we’re all alert to the dangers of phishing mails.

[Translate to English:] Erik Østergaard Jensen er genansat som institutleder for MBG. Foto: Lisbeth Heilesen
Erik Østergaard Jensen was re-appointed as the head of the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics (MBG). Photo: Lisbeth Heilesen

2021.03.26 |

Erik Østergaard Jensen continues as head of the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics

From 1 June 2021, Associate Professor and Head of Department Erik Østergaard Jensen has been reappointed for another three years as head of the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics (MBG) - a position he has had since 2004.

Photo: AU Foto

2021.03.25 |

Status of the Nature case

New points criticism have emerged regarding research practice in the so-called Nature case. At the recommendation of the local advisor for responsible conduct of research and freedom of research, these points have now been submitted to the Research Practice Committee for assessment.

Nobel Laureate Peter C. Agre will begin with a presentation on his path to the Nobel Prize before taking questions from participants as he kicks off Health’s new initiative, The Nobel Laureate Talks, on 21 April. Photo: Keith Weller, JHM.

2021.03.25 |

Meet Nobel Laureate Peter C. Agre

Nobel Laureate in Chemistry Peter C. Agre pays us a virtual visit and talks about his academic career under the heading "A Life in Science: Challenges & Rewards".

2021.03.18 |

Workshop on online examination for teaching staff

As a result of the coronavirus restrictions, many of the spring semester exams will be online in Zoom. You can register for the workshop for teaching staff and examiners at Aarhus University, which will go through the elements of an online oral exam.

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