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[Translate to English:] Dekan Kristian Pedersen, Natural Sciences. (Still-billede fra video)

2020.09.07 |

Video greeting: Invitation to dialogue about the faculty's strategy

With this video greeting, Dean Kristian Pedersen kicks off the autumn's strategy process at the faculty. The aim of the strategy is to set a general course for where the faculty wants to go in the coming decade; a common direction. Kristian Pedersen encourages all faculty staff to participate in the dialogue.

Dean Kristian Pedersen, Faculty of Natural Sciences. Photo: Lars Kruse, AU Photo.

2020.09.03 |

Dean to visit departments at the Faculty of Natural Sciences

In September, Dean Kristian Pedersen will start his long-awaited round of visits to the faculty departments and units. His aim is to greet the departments and introduce the new strategy process. At the meetings, there will be ample opportunity to take part in the dialogue and ask questions.

2020.08.26 |

Welcome to new students

This year, Natural Sciences welcomes 966 new science students. Due to corona, orientation days are different than usual, and yet still the same.

Students will soon be back on campus, and the university will look a bit more like itself again. However, it is vital that we all - students and staff - help each other comply with the guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Photo: Ida Jessen, AU Foto.

2020.08.31 |

Students back on campus

This week marks the beginning of orientation for new students and of the autumn semester with both physical teaching and online teaching for all students at Nat and Tech. Both students and teaching staff are well prepared for the new precautionary measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Read about the measures here.

Professor Duncan Sutherland (photo: Lars Kruse/AU Photo)

2020.08.26 |

A safe hand at the PhD controls

iNANO Professor Duncan Sutherland will act as interim manager of the faculty's PhD School for a provisional period of two months. It has been planned for him to be replaced by the upcoming vice-dean for research at NAT, once the vice-dean has been appointed following an ongoing recruitment process.

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