The Board of Studies at Natural Sciences

The Board of Studies takes care of the educational aspects, curriculum development and the practical planning of degree programmes and exams.

The structure of the Board of Studies ensures the co-determination and involvement of students and staff in programmes and teaching, and it caters for interdisciplinary and strategic work on education at Aarhus University.


Chair: Department of Mathematics: Associate Professor Niels Lauritzen


Department of Biology: Associate Professor Birgit Olesen

Department of Computer Science: Associate Professor Marianne Graves Petersen

Department of Physics and Astronomy: Associate Professor Aurelien Romain Dantan

Department of Geoscience: Associate Professor Thomas Ulrich

Department of Chemistry: Associate Professor Ove Christiansen


Vice Chair: Malene Siri Berg Jacobsen

Nina Hauvgaard Degn

Hans Brüner Dein

Hans Christian Hansen

Freja Hyllekvist Pedersen