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Dean at Nat Kristian Pedersen. Nat and Tech work closely together within the area of education and send joint message about the phase 2 reopening addressing all staff at both faculties.

2020.05.14 |

Nat and Tech prepare for phase 2 of reopening

We’re about to reopen the Nat and Tech faculties a little more. Although it’s clearly positive that we can open for teaching and physical exams again, remember that this is still in every way a very limited reopening.

2020.05.12 |

Action plan for diversity and gender equality – with an emphasis on action

A consultation on draft version of AU’s new Action plan for diversity and gender equality at AU 2020-2021 is now in progress at the university. The action plan is expected to be finalised after the summer holiday.

Photo: Colourbox

2020.05.04 |

FAQ about reopening of research labs

On the AU corona pages you can find answers to frequently asked questions in connection with the partial reopening of research laboratories at AU from April 23, 2020. The site is constantly updated.

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2020.04.30 |

Zoom is safe to use for exams thanks to new update and guidelines

It‘s safe for examiners and co-examiners to discuss grading, and Zoom can be used for exams involving sensitive personal data, confidential data and NDAs, a new security assessment concludes.

Hans Brix (left) has been head of department at the Department of Bioscience since 2014 and he has now been appointed as the head of the Department of Biology. Jan Piotrowski has been appointed head of Geoscience, where he has been acting head of department since the summer of 2019. (Photo: AU Photo)

2020.04.30 |

Department heads appointed at Geoscience and Biology

Jan Piotrowski has been appointed at the Department of Geoscience and Hans Brix has been appointed at the Department of Biology.

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